What is Thailook?

    THAILOOK (MoThai)  is a motorbike modification in the style of THAILAND .
In Indonesia, there are many teenagers who modify motorcycles with the style of  THAILAND (THAILOOK) 

 MoThai among teenagers and modifiers are being inspired because the modification of Thailand motorbikes is very simple and looks cool because it still looks like a standard motorbike !!!! But do not get me wrong if you see from the specifications it is very awesome :D, the cheek is the body, the body must look shiny and stripping is replaced with Thai striping, and the subordinates are replaced with ring 17 (high feet with small tires for example like the size of 17 60- 80 or 17 50-90, and many other accessories are still replaced with additional accessories or unique parts that are functioning or not functioning. 

         Some people modifying THAILOOK it’s cruel, it does not mean violence, the intent of cruel is the price of its accessories that are pretty draining the modifiers, of course the price does not become a barrier for already modifying the bike with the THAILOOK concept because it has a  hobby. 

       Because of the high interest in modifying THAILOOK / MOTHAI, the higher the interest of the individuals wants to sell fake parts / accessories from the Thailand, so hopefully we will not become victims, therefore we must be smart in choosing the accessories we buy,  maybe soon we encounter the people who are selling fake parts.